Corporate Openings

We formalize your business or company. This service mainly contemplates the registration of the company anywhere in the USA. You can form an LLC, an excellent option if you are a foreigner and want to avoid withholding taxes. If you intend to obtain a lease on the company's behalf and have several partners, forming a Corp or Corporation is ideal. The opening includes the issuance of the Federal Number, contracts and legal agreements, a black book with your stock certificates, and more.

Personal and corporate tax planning

We have a broad understanding of the American tax system, which allows us to show you the best option to develop your personal or business tax planning for the current fiscal year. This helps you as an individual or legal entity to successfully complete your taxes.

Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN):

We perform the ITIN issuance process since, in the USA, the tax declaration is fundamental and ensures that your financial activity (personal or corporate) is favorable even in case you do not possess a social security number. The ITIN helps undocumented immigrants create a business entity to generate income and apply for business licenses. The ITIN is available to resident and non-resident immigrants, spouses, and dependents who cannot obtain a Social Security Number (SSN).

Business Plan

A business plan is a guide with the goals or objectives to achieve with a business unit. This plan represents the first phase of the venture or investment since it provides the entrepreneur or company with a projection of the business and an evaluation of the objectives. We forecast the income, expenses, cash flow, and make a profit and loss balance.

Payroll Service

We understand that the main engine of your company is its staff, so it is essential to have a proper payroll system. We advise and guide in the registration and accounting development of the payroll of your company or business.

Business Licenses

We process all business licenses required by U.S. regulations to open a company or business. Not having these requirements could result in fines and penalties. We advise on obtaining and validating licenses, registrations, and permits.


An idea, company, business, song, product, TV, or movie script needs to be appropriately registered since US laws ensure protection against infringement or plagiarism claims. Don't go through the unpleasant moment of plagiarism or idea theft and let us do the commercial registration before the necessary entities.

Business or personal consulting


If your company is already consolidated and is more than 3 years old, but you need help to correct or optimize current processes such as business audits, financial analysis to find out what is happening with the company's resources, how to reduce expenses and increase income, among others, we are your main advisors in financial matters. With our advice, we will boost your business to the next level.


If you want to put your financial activities in order and start working on a savings or in an investment plan, we can advise you with the best specialists.

Accounting Services

Many companies do not have good accounting in their business and for that reason they experience many financial stumbles from the beginning. With proper business accounting you will be able to interpret operations and finances, make decisions in present and future time, optimize finances and ensure constant growth. Our consultants are ready to meet your needs and requirements.

Federal and State Personal Taxes

It is essential to have tax advice if you want to comply with US state regulations. Your tax payment depends entirely on the amount of your income and the tax rate of the state or locality where you reside. We analyze and determine how you can proceed successfully in the payment of your personal taxes.

Federal and State Corporate Taxes

A company or business must have a well-planned tax system in order to determine the economic results and benefits it will obtain in the short, medium and long term, thus avoiding disparities that encourage disorganization in tax matters. We will be your allies and advocates for your tax efforts.

Lawyer services

We have a legal service and advisors specialized in law according to your requirements. We protect your rights and your interests.

At TOTAL TAX we focus on charting the way forward to achieve the resurgence of your business and your expectations in a short time. You only need the advice of our experts who will provide you with the necessary tools for your business to prosper.


Regular clients


Monthly consultations